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What language was the program developed in?

Balloon Designer has been developed in Microsoft Visual Basic because it is free and relatively easy to use. The first public release v1.02 contains 7200 lines of code.

When was it developed?

The first public release was developed over approximately 4 months commencing in August 2006.

Does the developer have any qualifications in balloon engineering?

Absolutely Not! You have been warned  - this software is sure to have bugs, errors and other assorted nuances. From the testing that I have done the results are in agreement with those of a number of popular spreadsheet programs which have some of the functionality of this program but I make no guarantees. Please ensure that you check anything that you derive from this program with another known source. I would appreciate knowing if you find any errors.

When I try to download the program it wants to install Microsoft .Net framework, what is this?

.Net provides the application framework for the program. You do need to download and install it to be able to use the software.

When I start the program is says that there is a later version available, should I download it?

Yes! any future releases should include bug fixes and other functionality enhancements. Updates automatically install when downloaded



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