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This project was commenced in 1995 prior to there being an experimental category in Australia and was shelved for 8 years after my attempts to persuade the bureaucracy that they should let me build and fly it failed.

Now that we have an experimental category in Australia I have finished the envelope and it is awaiting a bottom end.

It is a 16 gore balloon with each gore being made up of 2 halves (left & right) which run from the top to bottom.

Originally I intended to use a Brian Boland designed collapsible basket which I built back in '95 but I think that it will eventually have a 2 seat airchair underneath it.


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In response to how he checked the weather, "I just whip out my blue card with a hole in it and read what it says: 'When color of card matches color of sky, FLY!'"

Gordon Baxter


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